Edit: The heck, my pictures were sideways. o___o;; Woops. Added an extra one as an apology. ^^;

Sorry about the silence! Ever since entering the Kansai region I’ve been super tired by the time we get back to the hotel for some reason (even though it’s actually relatively early..). ^^; Anyway, a few pictures to make up for the quiet.

Monday we arrived in Kyoto, but didn’t really do anything … Just explored Kyoto station (which is huge, and cool.) and the area around our ryokan (which is an excellent one, by the way.). Next day was Osaka, which was awesome…but only Otaku stuff, haha. ^^; hence, no pictures. I kind of forgot to take pictures … partly because the place itself feels like boonie town (half the reason probably being it’s the only place that wasn’t completely blown to the high heavens way back when).

Yesterday was exploring Kyoto with a couple friends. Went to the Golden Pavilion (sheathed in real gold!!), the Silver Pavilion (no silver on this one … just the name, frauds!), and explored Gion area (cool shopping and stuff! And tasty food!).

Today was Nara; they really, really do not exaggerate when they say deer just walk up to you. Actually, the nicer ones give a little bow if you give them food (so cute!), though my brother theorizes that it isn’t necessarily a bow… just a “yes, give me food, give me!!” nod. Could go either ways I guess. :P Anyway, plenty of deer, on the verge of being pests (followed us around for like 20 minutes when we bought food…both human food and deer food. Silly creatures!). But yeah, those were pretty cute, and the region itself was pretty interesting too (they had an animate! hah!). Bought a couple souvenirs there.

Okiedokes, that’s it for now. Tomorrow we’re gonna be geeks and visit KyoAni offices wahaha…and potentially eat at a cake buffet (!!!!) we discovered while exploring Gion in Kyoto area. Wheeee~