24-year-old photographer Asher Svidensky recently traveled to west Mongolia with the intention of documenting the lives of traditional Kazakh eagle hunters, people who tame eagles for the purpose of hunting smaller animals.

With the traditions typically laying in the hands of the boys and the men, the biggest surprise throughout the journey was Svidensky’s discovery of a young eagle huntress, 13-year-old Ashol Pan, the daughter of an experienced eagle hunter. These stunning photographs symbolize the potential future of the eagle hunting tradition as it expands beyond a male-only practice.


HH:  So beautiful.

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I've been in a funk lately regarding my drawings, nothing that I draw is good enough in my mind and its not as fun anymore to draw. I've always been VERY overly critical of my stuff but its getting worse. I try to just look back at my progress but it isn't helping. Do you have any advice? I love your blog by the way it's my favorite!!


For me, this happens OFTEN. Take comfort; I believe it’s a good and necessary part of the cycle artistic progress:

If you see something in your work that never bothered you before, it’s because you’re recognizing it for the first time, which means you can now improve it!  I hope that helps.


Inktober. I’ll post the rest of them later :)


I’ll post the rest of them later :)


Beautiful The Little Prince illustrations by Kim Min Ji.